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Walker Black Bullet Fuel Treatment (Single pak) Walker Black Bullet Fuel Treatment (Single pak)

P/N: WBBT4-1

Dimensions and Specs
Notes Lasts 5 years, no additional additives needed.
Options Multiple cartridges needed for Jetski or outboard
Gas or Diesel Propulsion Engines Rated Treats 5 gallons gasoline or 4 gallons of diesel.
Gensets and Auxilary Engines Rated Yes
Gasoline Outboards Rated Yes
Kit Includes (1) Unit to drop in to fuel tank.
Walker Black Bullet Fuel Treatment (Single pak) Dimensions
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System Details
Keep your fuel fresh.

Walker's PERMANENT* fuel treatment for gasoline stored in cans or gensets ensures that your fuel is ready to go when your equipment needs to start. Be prepared, don't let your fuel get old, varnished or unusable, and be sure to take advantage of free shipping for a limited time. Only $ 19.95 shipping included! Ask about our quantity discount for purchases of 10 or more.

The Benefits: - Your stored fuel stays fresh longer. - Better fuel quality means easier starting. - Helps fuel burn cleaner reducing C0 emmissions. - Reduced environmental waste since no additive bottles to dispose of. - Unique cartridge design allows cartidge to drop into storage cans, gensets tanks, outboard motor fuel tanks or anything else. - Works in gensets, leaf blowers, snow blowers, motorcycles etc.. - Continues to condition and stabilize fuel, ...fill-up after fill-up.

How does it work? Each cartridge is designed to react with hydrocarbon fuels in a postive manner, similar to the way your catayltic converter on your car reacts to clean/improve vehicle exhaust gases.

The main difference is that here we are reacting with the fuel as soon as the cartridge is in contact or submerged in the fuel. It minimizes oxidation and slows the rate at which refined fossil fuels degrade. Each cartridge lasts for at least 5 years, and there is nothing that dissolves or breaks down in the fuel. It is catalytic reaction. Everytime you fill up...you treat that new batch of fuel.

*PERMANENT is defined as 5 years or longer, and the product is not consumed during use. It does not need to be re-charged or re-applied like liquid additives. For more information or to place an order, contact Walker Engineering at (818) 252-7788
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