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#AIRSEP Crankcase Fumes Disposal #AIRSEP Crankcase Fumes Disposal

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#AIRSEP Crankcase Fumes Disposal Installation
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Dimensions and Specs
Airsep Throat Size 4", 5" and 6"
Breather Inlet Size 1 1/4"
Max Rated Engine Air Consumption up to 3000CFM
Total Length (Basic) Varies, check with Walker Specialist
Body Diameter 8", 10" and 12"
Reusable, Washable, Built-In Air Filter Washable air filter - w/disposable oil mist filter
Air Intake Silencer Standard Yes
Features High Efficiency oil capture rate
Finish High Gloss Black
Notes Direct replacement for all CCV systems
Options Turbo mount or side engine mount configurations
Gas or Diesel Propulsion Engines Rated Available for diesel engines up to 4500 HP
Kit Includes AIRSEP, Hoses, fittings, clamps.Brackets optional
#AIRSEP Crankcase Fumes Disposal Dimensions
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System Details
The latest technology is now available for upgrading your engine for a cleaner, dryer air intake.
Available for most engines, and currently selected as the system of choice for factory installation on new CAT C30 and C32, as well as Cummins QSB and QSC engines, the Walker CCE system is designed for heavy duty commercial and pleasurecraft usage.

Excellent performance in high annual hour usage applications. The system uses a unique 2-stage oil mist filtration system that capture the finest oil particles in blow-by to keep your engine intakes clean. The oil mist filter pak is disposable. The air filter is washable and rated for 1000 hours of service or more in some applications.

Benefits include: Sleek "NO SPRING" design, Integrated built-in silencer, washable air filter, high performance SERVICABLE internal oil mist filter pak.

Ask for the CCE system by name when heavy duty service, high hour usage, or top closed crankcase performance is required.

Additional Notes:
Walker AIRSEP CCV systems are the industry standard and are available as both factory installed systems, or retrofit kits at the shipyard or vessel level.

AIRSEP Closed Systems (CCV)
AIRSEP systems range from turbo mount kits designed for 6 liter and larger diesel engine or gensets, and engine room mounted systems for up to 280 liter engines.

AIRSEP Open Systems (OCV)

AIRSEP systems that vent the “scrubbed” crankcase fumes back to atmosphere, or up through exit ducting topside are also available. These systems use the same dual stage filter technology of the AIRSEP closed systems, but are designed for minimum pressure drop to allow the filters to work passively without the need for suction, or a vacuum line going back to the engine intake. Commonly used for engines 19 liters and higher, they are easily installed on the engine or in a machinery space. Questions?..... contact Walker Engineering or your AIRSEP dealer.


-Alaska Diesel
-Detroit Diesel
-Isotta Fraschini
-John Deere


-Marine Workboats
-Marine Luxury Yachts
-Generator Sets
-Rail locomotive, MOW, HTEL powerplants.

So if you need an open or closed crankcase ventilation system, Walker has an AIRSEP to get the job done.

*Higher ratings for military applications also available.

Send us an email to get a recommendation for an AIRSEP system for your diesel engine. (818) 252-7788...sales@walkerairsep.com
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