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New High Performance Air Filters for Yanmar Engines Download the PDF of this article
8/28/2009 - Walker Engineering is proud to announce the latest edition to it's product line. New air filters and silencers specifically designed for the Yanmar marine engines. The new filters are easily installed on the 4BY, 6BY, 6LP, and 6CX530.
First in the line-up is a specially designed air filter silencer for the Yanmar BY series. This Walker kit replaces the stock air filter and is easily installed. It delivers excellent air flow with a washable filter, and is complemented by a turbo silencer feature.

Available now. Order KWYAN4BY-1 for the 4BY series and KWYAN6BY-1 for the 6BY series engine. You will be so impressed with this filter silencer package we guarantee it...or your money back.

Next up...a heavy duty filter specifically designed for the Yanmar LP series. This filter drops right into place and delivers high air flow, excellent perfromance, and the design helps reduce air intake noise.

Say goodbye to the stock piece of foam over your air intake and upgrade your engine with a true air filter today!

Order part number 1000711

Ask your salesman about the Walker AIRSEP that is also available for this engine...eliminates fumes and oily mess.

The new Yanmar 6CX 530 HP is a powerful addition to the Yanmar marine engine line-up. All the more reason to equip it with the latest Walker Everquiet Air Filter Silencer.

A robust design, washable air filter, and enhanced turbo silencer make this package an excellent upgrade for any captain or yachtsman.

Order part number 1000846

Call us today (818) 252-7788...or order through your Yanmar Marine engine dealer.

Don't see your Yanmar Engine listed? Be sure to contact us with your model and horsepower rating to find out what Walker products can upgrade your engine.

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