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New AIRSEP® Performance Kit for Dodge Diesel Trucks Download the PDF of this article
2/1/2002 - Sun Valley, CA U.S.A. - Walker Engineering Enterprises announces the release of a Walker AIRSEP® Closed-crankcase System for Dodge diesel engines.
The new AIRSEP for Dodge trucks is a highly effective breathing system that evacuates the oily crankcase fumes from your diesel engine and separates the oil so it maybe returned to your engine oil pan.

Standard equipment on diesel engines in the boating industry for more than fifteen years, and available for Cummins-powered trucks the past several, Dodge diesel truck owners can now enjoy the AIRSEP benefits. “These include eliminating oily crankcase breather discharge that may blow directly into your engine compartment, deposit on the rear or underside of your truck, or all over your expensive towed vehicle,” states Mike DeLillo, vice-president of sales and marketing at Walker Engineering. “This system replaces the "road draft" tube or "aspirin bottle" for a quality, first-class equipment add-on. In addition, the AIRSEP lowers the amount of crankcase pressure building in your engine, putting less pressure on your engine seals. This reduces the chance of oil seal leaks. Lower crankcase pressure also improves engine longevity and performance.”

The new AIRSEP kit is easy to install, adapting to your existing stock filter assembly. Each system is designed to fit within the remaining engine equipment space. The kit is complete with all the required hoses and components to connect the AIRSEP assembly to the engine crankcase, as well as the parts required to connect the oil return line to the engine block. The unit has a service life of 35,000 miles. Its heavy-duty design and quality black powder coat finish are a Walker Engineering trademark

AIRSEP kits for both 12 and 24-valve engines are currently available from your local dealer or the manufacturer direct.

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