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Core Credit Now Available for Old FUELSEPS. Download the PDF of this article
2/1/2004 - 2004 marks the end of the 5 year anniversary since the FUELSEP was first introduced in December 1997. With over 10,000 in the field, units installed in 1998 are now approaching the end of their 5 year effective life. You can now return you old unit for a core credit; $ 75.00 for a WF3500 or WF5000. $ 150.00 credit for a WF7500 or WF9000 unit. (Core credits will only be issued in conjunction with NEW same unit/size Fuelsep purchase. Credit is only issued after full payment for new units has been received).

1) Remove units from fuel supply.
2) Remove any fittings attached to unit.
3) Record serial numbers and write on copy of invoice showing purchase of new units.
4) Allow units to drain/dry for several days to avoid shipping units with residual fuel.
5) Seal each unit in a plastic bag after draining dry.
6) Include invoice copy with units, and write RA# on outside of box. (Boxes without RA numbers will be refused at the loading dock).
7) Ship to:
Walker Engineering Fuelsep Core Program
9255 San Fernando Rd.
Sun Valley, CA 91352

8) Ship Via UPS or other carrier. (Collect shipments will be refused).

Offer Expires 12/31/04

Getting a credit is easy.

1) Call Walker Engineering and order your new set of FUELSEPS.
2) Ask for an RA# for your old Fuelseps (be sure to state the FUELSEP serial numbers listed on your old units), and confirm core credit amount.
3) Return your old FUELSEPS to Walker Engineering following the return procedure below, a credit will then be issued to your credit card once the units are received.
4) Offer is valid for WF3500, WF5000, WF7500, and WF9000 Fuelsep units.

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