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Older diesel engines in need of improved performance.  
4/15/2003 - Interest in the Walker Fuelsep continues to increase as the backlash toward older diesel powered trucks, buses, and ships increases.
More and more owners of older diesel powered equipment are purchasing the FUELSEP to improve performance and reduce emissions nationwide. There is now approximately 10,000 units in the field since 1997 and most customers report a fuel savings of no less than 5%. That can be quite significant with vessels that log many hours for commerical, charter, or extended cruising uses.

Several sizes are available and are dependent on engine size, horsepower, and application. Please use our "quick search" feature to get the correct part number for your engine. Even gensets can benefit from this excellent product.

The product does not use magnets, is not a filter, and has a 5,000 hour life, so an investment in the FUELSEP now will follow you anywhere you cruise, plus the added benefit of reduced black exhaust soot will keep your guests and cockpit cleaner.

Order your set today!

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