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Frequently Asked Questions
Question My air filter elements are BLUE, can I use the standard cleaning kit DDF9000 to recondition these air filter elements?

NO. Blue air filter elements should only be cleaned/reconditioned using the Walker Blue cleaning kit BAF2000.
These are available through authorized Walker Airsep dealers or West Marine (www.westmarine.com).

Question I have a new CCE system..can I use my original air filters as spare replacement parts?

No. The CCE air filters are secured using a special support band mounting configuration. The air filters on the traditional AIRSEP are secured using stainless steel springs.

Question Can I use any air filter on my AIRSEP®?

The AIRSEP® is designed, tested, and sold with a specifically matched filter element. This element not only filters the air, but also plays an important role in the operation of the AIRSEP® as well as maintaining the rated vacuum amount in the crankcase. Use of filters that are not sold by Walker Engineering may affect AIRSEP® efficiency, oil carry-over, sound reducing qualities, and system/engine performance. We recommend you always use genuine Walker AIRSEP® filter elements.

Question Can I use a smaller or larger filter element on my AIRSEP®?

Generally no, although special sizing calculations have been made for industrial or commercial usage applications. Contact Walker
Engineering to see if the filter size can be altered without affecting system performance or filter life.

Question Do my filter elements need to be oiled prior to use?

Walker AIRSEP® and AIRSEP® filter elements are pre-conditioned and ready for use when purchased from Walker Engineering or your local AIRSEP® dealer. No further oiling is required until the elements are cleaned. See the Servicing section of our site …

Question The filter elements are gray. Do they need to be cleaned?

Generally the gray color alone does not mean servicing is required. The elements are red or pink when new, and can become gray with use, or if exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. Filter elements should only need to be cleaned about every 250-300 hours. If you are cleaning your elements more frequently than this, contact Walker Engineering for advisement.

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