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Frequently Asked Questions
AIRSEP installation questions.
Question The hump hose I received is not the correct size for my engine's air inlet. What should I do?

Walker stocks a complete line of air inlet hump hoses and adapters that are available for a nominal cost. Air inlet or turbo inlet diameter measurements should have a confirmed measurement, and be provided when ordering AIRSEP® kits. Should you order the wrong hose, call the source where you ordered your AIRSEP® and see if a hose adapter can be used. If not, you must re-order or locally obtain the correct hump hoses to complete the installation. Walker can ship the hoses directly to the boa or engine site (C.O.D.) if an order is faxed with the proper ship-to address.

Question I have a tight engine compartment. Can I screw the Walker oil drain check valve into the bottom of the AIRSEP®?

No. The Walker check valve must be located at the engine block at the bottom of the oil drain line, just above the oil level in the oil pan. Failure to locate the Walker check valve at the lowest possible point above oil level may affect AIRSEP® efficiency. The check valve must not be positioned on its side and should ideally be installed in a vertical position.

Question The AIRSEPS® I ordered does not fit the engine or in the space reserved in the engine room. Should I return the whole kit?

Generally, the kit that you received has already been installed hundreds if not thousands of times. Some boats may have a tighter fit then other typical
installations. It is important to carefully remove the AIRSEP® and "dry fit" the unit at the engine. Be sure to note interference points and contact Walker Engineering or your AIRSEP® dealer with any problems. Often, Walker, or your local dealer can advise you in successfully installing the unit in close quarters.

If that attempt at installation fails, an alternate sized AIRSEP® may be able to be specified. Walker Engineering should be contacted directly, to examine this possibility. Keep in mind that in the case of exchange, the unit must be returned in sale-able condition without dents or scratches. It is the customer's responsibility to return the unit to be given a full credit. Generally, only the AIRSEP® unit would be exchanged, and the remainder of the kit would still be utilized in the installation.

Question Can the oil drain share a turbo oil drain or other line running into the engine?

Generally it is best that the Walker AIRSEP® have it's own dedicated drain line running into the block. If drain selection is a problem, then a turbo drain line can be used but is not recommended. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should an AIRSEP® drain be connected into an Airbox drain line.

Question Can I install the Walker oil drain check valve below the oil level?

Generally no. If an auxiliary drain plug is located below the oil level in the oil pan, then a short piece of Aeroquipt® hose with proper hydraulic rated fittings should be used to position the check valve just above the oil level, or the same height where the oil pan connects to the block. Failure to locate the check valve above the oil level may impair oil draining and cause the AIRSEP® to malfunction.

Question I have an interference problem. Can I rotate the AIRSEP® to lower the overall height?

No. The AIRSEP® unit must be installed as specified in the kit instructions. The oil drain must be at the bottom to properly evacuate the oil from the AIRSEP®. If the interference cannot be resolved, please contact Walker Engineering or your AIRSEP® dealer for suggestions.

Question Does Walker Engineering have installation mechanics or local installation offices?

Walker Engineering does not do actual installations, however the AIRSEP dealer network has over 400 dealers in the United States and over 20 international dealers in both Europe and South America. Please contact Walker Engineering if you need a list of local dealers that can install the AIRSEP® on your engine.

Question Does my vacuum regulator need to be mounted on the valve cover, or the AIRSEP® unit?

Although the schematic diagram in the AIRSEP® installation instructions usually shows the regulator attached to the AIRSEP® by a 90° molded hose, the system is rather flexible in placement of the regulator. As long as the regulator is between the AIRSEP® and engine breather, and is positioned properly as indicated by the arrow on the regulator body, the system will work just fine. Be sure the regulator filter is pointing up, or at least 15° above horizontal to prevent oil from dripping out from the filter element.

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