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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions related to Walker Airbox Drain systems.
Question What is an AIRBOX® Drain Kit?

An airbox drain kit is a kit designed to capture the residue and sludge from the airbox on a Detroit Diesel engine. On the engine, especially older versions, several 1/4" diameter tubes mounted on the engine exterior would follow the block down to the oil pan and terminate just above the ground. These are discharge ports for the airbox when the engine is returned to idle speed, or in the case of a genset, at periodic intervals.

The Walker AIRBOX® Drain kit includes hardware and a collection canister that installs easily on the engine, and captures the oil sludge as it is discharged. It is a relatively inexpensive kit, and the perfect compliment to an AIRSEP®-equipped engine.

Installation of the kits in a marine application ensures a spotless engine room and bilge, as well as protects against engine airbox check valve malfunctions (not AIRSEP® drain check valve related) that can lead to high crankcase pressure.

Question Is the Airbox drain Kit part of the AIRSEP®?

No. The AIRSEP® is an entirely separate system and operates independently whether the engine is equipped with an Airbox Drain Kit or not.

Question How many Airbox Drain Kits do I need for each engine?

Generally one kit per engine is required, however large horsepower Detroit Diesels may require two per engine. Contact Walker Engineering for further information.

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