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Frequently Asked Questions
General AIRSEP Questions
Question Can I use those fiber pre-filters over my AIRSEP?

In general we DO NOT recommend any type of pre-filters to be used over the AIRSEP air filter.

We did performance tests over 10 years ago with various media fibers and such filters can impact the function of your AIRSEP.

How? Well basically each system or kit is designed to operate with a range of engines that will deliver a good deal of inlet restrict, but still fall within the engine recommendations. Some inlet restriction is essential for the AIRSEP to seperate the oil mist as well as manage crankase pressure.
By adding some type of pre-filter, however free flowing, you can reduce the effectiveness of the AIRSEP. Get the most from your investment...allow the AIRSEP air filter to operate by itself.

Regarding warranty issues, Walker considers addition of such pre-filters to an AIRSEP air filter an altered system.

Question Will an AIRSEP® work on a naturally-aspirated engine, as well?

Walker AIRSEPS® are designed for use on naturally aspirated as well as turbo charged engines. Each engine requirement is different, however, the benefits will be just as noticeable on a natural engine. Contact Walker Engineering or your AIRSEP® dealer to receive a price for a kit specifically designed for your naturally aspirated diesel engine.

Question Do I need one AIRSEP® kit or two kits per engine?

Walker AIRSEP® kits are sold for engines equipped with single, dual and quad turbo configurations, as well as naturally aspirated engines. The AIRSEPS® are generally priced per turbo, but are packaged in specific kits for single, dual, or quad turbo applications. Generally, dual kits are not designed to be split and used on single turbo applications, and vice versa. Be sure to confirm and order the kit designed for your engine to ensure proper system size.

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