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Frequently Asked Questions
Question Is the CCE AIRSEP system installed at any engine factories?

Yes. The CCE AIRSEP system has been installed as STANDARD factory equipment on many models of marine engines produced bt Caterpillar and Cummins engine companies since 2001.

Question How does the system compare to other systems on the market.

The Walker CCE Airsep system beats the competition hands down. The Walker CCE system uses a DUAL filter pak to better manage the different sized particles found in engine blowby or oil mist.

More importantly the Walker CCE system is avialable in both Turbo Mount models...as well as remote units that can be mounted on the side of an engine.

Total Performance...Total Efficiency...Total Flexibility

Question What is the main advantage of the CCE system over the traditional AIRSEP.

The CCE system is designed for commercial and heavy duty applications. The system has an internal element set that needs regular replacement. The improved filter technology captures oil mist down to .3 micron, and works harder to keep your engine air intakes cleaner.

The CCE system can also handle light duty and pleasure craft applications as well.

The traditional AIRSEP unit is still sold and continues to deliver excellent performance for many applications, and is still the only system that operates without the need for unit servicing, just air filter service.

Question How do I know the internal elements need servicing?

In general Walker CCE coalescer elements are rated for 250-500 hours depending on engine condition. Larger systems are rated for longer service intervals.

All CCe systems include a indicator vent port. When the internal element service life approaches, you will start to see small amounts of vapor vent from this port. Should venting be evident, it is recommended to replace the entire filter set (1st stage & primary elements) immediately.

Question Can I just change one of the internal coalescer filters?

No. It is NOT recommended that only a 1st stage filter....or only a primary coalescer be replaced individually. All coalescer filters are sold as a set, and should be replaced as a set.

This is very important to maintain proper AIRSEP function and system balance. The filters are designed to work together in balance as they accumulate hours.

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