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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions regarding ALGAESEP performance.
Question How often do I need to drain the unit?

In the beginning when you first install the system, or after a large load of fuel, you may have larger amounts of water and algae in your fuel tank.

Depending on the quantity of water in the tank, you may need to drain it periodically after each three or four-hour cycle. Once the water is removed, every week or two should be sufficient time between drainings.

After using the system for a month or two, you should be able to determine the best regular maintenance/processing schedule that works best for you.

Question I have a major Algae problem in my tank, will the ALGAESEP® clean it?

In general if you have a major algae problem that already exists, you should have the tank professionally cleaned to remove any sludge etc. if you want the best results.

If the problem is relatively minor, the fuel should be treated with a good biocide. Once the problem is corrected, the ALGAESEP® will prevent the problem from reoccurring if properly installed and operated on a regular basis.

Question How many gallons per hour will the ALGAESEP® fuel pump process?

The ALGAESEP® fuel pump will process about .5 GPM (gallons per minute) or up to 40 GPH (gallons per hour).

Question Once I have an ALGAESEP® system, how often does it need to run, and for how many hours?

We recommend you run the system in regular cycles for at least one to four hours depending on the size of the tanks, and the severity of the water contamination.

Once the water is removed, a once a week maintenance cycle is recommended.

Question Is it true I won’t have to change my fuel filters as often?

The ALGAESEP® will remove algae and water out of your fuel tank when properly installed and operated. Since it also will remove normal water condensation, your fuel remains fresh and water free. That means the life of your fuel filters will be increased by up to four times.

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