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Frequently Asked Questions
General questions regarding the ALGAESEP.
Question I am having a new boat built. Is the ALGAESEP® available from the boat manufacturer?

The ALGAESEP® is available on a limited basis for factory installations, and/or boats 40’ and larger.

So, if you have a New YACHT on order, then the answer is YES, it is now a new factory option.

Bertram Yacht, Nordic Tug, and Sabre now all offer factory installed packages.

For other boat makes, however, request the system through your dealer or factory representative, insist on a Walker Algaesep. In most cases they will install the system as a “special” and your boat will be delivered with the system integrated into the vessel.

Question How much is the replacement filter at the top of the system to replace, and how often do you have to change it?

The Walker ALGAESEP® does not rely on the spin-on filter to separate the water and contaminants, but rather the patented coalescing process.

The spin-on filter serves as a final measure to ensure clean fuel is returned to your tank. It is recommended to change the filter every 100 hours in abnormal algae conditions, and every 250 hours in normal conditions. The spin-on-filter (Part Number 100-1052) costs $16.00.

Question How can the ALGAESEP’s small processing rate treat a larger fuel storgage tank with 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 gallons?

Most problems occur in the bottom five to 10 percent of the tank capacity when storing fuel. That’s where water and algae can be found.

The ALGAESEP® focuses on processing the “problem areas” of the fuel, so even with a 5,000 gallon tank, the system will remove the water, contaminants, etc. by processing 500 gallons from the very bottom.

500 gallons can be treated in only 10-12 hours of operation. In the case of a tank in motion, like a boat, the system will still process, although it may take longer if the tank is agitated.

Question How many amps does it take to run the Walker ALGAESEP®?

The Walker ALGAESEP® will draw two amps of power from your power source. A five amp circuit breaker protects the system.

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