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Frequently Asked Questions
General questions asked about the FUELSEP.
Question How does the FUELSEP® work?

The system relies on catalytic activity within the FUELSEP® to help configure the fuel molecules, and allow them to burn more completely and efficiently at the point of combustion. No Magnets are used.

Soot is “unburned fuel”. Therefore, if you reduce the amount of unburned fuel during combustion, you will in turn reduce the amount of soot.

Question What benefits are earned by using the FUELSEP®?

Benefits of the FUELSEP® have been proven. Those benefits include better combustion, five percent better fuel economy, lower exhaust temperatures, and lower Nox emissions.

Question Will the FUELSEP® allow me to use lower Cetane rated fuel?

Yes. A benefit of using the fuelsep unit is that the engine will run better on low Cetane fuel where, without the unit, symptoms like white start-up smoke etc. would be an issue.

Question Have any boat builders installed the FUELSEP® at the factory level?

Yes. Some boat builders have installed the units, but only as a “special request" from the customer.

It is still not a listed option. If you want the FUELSEP® factory-installed, you must make a request at the time you order your boat.

Question Does the Fuelsep® use magnets to treat the fuel?

No, the Fuelsep® DOES NOT use magnets to treat the fuel. The Fuelsep® is in a separate category of fuel treatment devices. It neither hinders nor affects the fuel if a magnetic device is already in use.

Unlike the magnetic device, it will directly affect the ability of the fuel to burn more efficiently, as well as improve combustion of the fuel and lower polutants such as NOx.

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