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Technical Information
System and Operational Problems with Their Solutions

Think you may have a problem? Browse our troubleshooting guide to verify that the system is installed properly or if the situation you are observing has an easy fix.
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Probable Cause
Suggested Solution
Fuel leaking from unit
Fittings in Fuelsep® stripped.

Duplex coupler not threaded properly.

Fittings not tight, or no pipe thread sealer used.
Remove and inspect fittings.

Disassemble and inspect coupler, tighten properly, do not use teflon tape.

Clean and reapply pipe thread sealent to NPT threads only. Tighten using “double wrench method.
Engines misfires or has trouble attaining proper RPM
Air is in fuel lines. Or air is leaking into fuel system.

Fuelsep® is not mounted vertically, air trapped in unit.

Algae or debris blocking flow in Fuelsep.
Inspect all fittings for tightconnection. Verify pipe thread sealant used at allapplicable connections. Bleed fuel system to remove air.

Mount Fuelsep® in proper vertical position.

Remove unit, inspect, backflush with mineral spirits or fuel to remove foreign matter.
No recognizable improvement in soot output or engine performance
Engine not properly calibrated to generator load, propellers etc..

Engine is “overfueling” in response to load demand.

Wrong size unit for engine horsepower or fuel flow.

May require longer “break-in” period since combustion areas, injectors etc. are fouled.

Engine, load or operating conditions exceed the general accepted guidelines for Fuelsep® sizing and may require an increased capacity unit.

Mechanic or owner has changed engine from original manufacture settings.
The Fuelsep® can only improve combustion when the engines are properly maintained and running as good as possible. Verify base engine performance meets factory specs prior to installing Fuelsep® units.

Review arrow on unit label and reinstall.

Check instructions, verify installation with install diagram.

All units work with specific size engines, injector changes, etc … may reduce effectiveness of unit. Verify model number of unit and rated horsepower with Walker Engineering.

Continue to run engine as normal, follow appropriate oil change schedule after break-in period to remove deposits and free soot from engine.

Contact Walker Engineering only after break-in period has significantly passed.

Discuss need/possibility to increase size of unit.

Contact Walker Engineering only after break-in period has significantly passed.

Original soot conditions return to boat
Engine has been changed, or worked on, whereby original equipment has been modified.

Algae has built up in fuel system, degrading combustion and counteracting the benefits of the Fuelsep unit.

Environmental factors have changed such as bottom condition of boat, electrical load, props, or other factor causing the engine to burn more fuel than needed.

Life span of unit has been reached.
Contact Walker Engineering only after break-in period has significantly passed. Discuss need/possibility to increase size of unit.

Inspect for Algae in fuel, backflush unit if evidence found.

Inspect and evaluate what conditions might have changed during the time the Fuelseps® have been in service. Check air filter condition and engine aftercooler condition if so equipped, and service as necessary.

Contact Walker Engineering for replacement of unit.

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